Sales Team/Merchandiser Management System

Using our tools, you can map and track your field teams with ease

Two problems come with manually managing your field teams: low accountability and lack of insight. Using our tools, you can map and track your field teams with ease.

Using our platform, you can gather the information from the frontline team and convert it into actionable insight. How many competitor’s shares of space? What is the store’s favorite marketing promo?

We have worked with several major companies to help them manage their field teams nationally for years. We have the knowledge and the means to create the best front-liner management tools for you.

How it Works

Create a form for your frontline worker.

Setup visitation schedule for your team.

Your team visits the location, checks in, fills the form and checks out.

You can see their form and insight summary from your dashboard.

Don’t like how it works? No Problem. Tell us how, and we will create a solution tailored to your business.

Our Works

Sales force Platform

Lenovo Sales Force System (SFS)

Lenovo Sales Force System (SFS) is an integrated platform to help Lenovo’s Area Manager and Sales Representative to create a schedule and record their visitation data. This data will be recorded, summarized, and analyzed.

Project Type: Loyalty Program

Project Date: 2014-Now

Sales force Platform

Philips MEET for Merchandizer

Philips Merchandiser Excellent Execution Tools (MEET) is a platform for organizing and helping Philips merchandisers in Indonesia. Merchandisers could see their schedule, find the store that should be visited, and input their survey data directly into the apps. Philips admin can see merchandisers’ performance, and survey results in their dashboard in real-time.

Project Type: Loyalty Program

Project Date: 2014-Now