Automatic Document Generation and Approval

Using our platform, you can implement document automation tailored for your company. Just tell us the documents and the rules, and we will make the solution for you.

One of the critical processes of any company is approval. Traditionally, the approval process means employees and supervisors spend a lot of time tracking down paperwork, sharing Word or Excel documents, sending emails, waiting for replies, etc. Not only is this error-prone and unorganized but also hogging time and resources.

With our system, not only will you be able to digitalize the approval process, you can also generate the appropriate document to be signed offline. Your organization could save a lot of time, resources, and at the same time reduce an error in the approval process.

How it Works

Send the sample document and the rules.

We send you the timeline and the quote.

We will begin the development.

The platform is ready to be used.

Don’t like how it works? No Problem. Tell us how, and we will create a solution tailored to your business.

Our Works

Document Generation


Seatap is an automated document generation platform to help government agencies creating contract documents automatically. At this moment, seatap has already been used by several agencies with a tremendous result.

Project Type: Automatic Document Generation

Project Date: 2018-Now