Crafting Impactful


We are Algostudio, a small team of developers who believe that creating a solution should be fun and yet impactful. In most of our projects, we work with our clients until long after the software has been deployed. The solutions evolve as we make sure that what we do creates an IMPACT!


We have a pleasant personality. Or maybe our clients just like working with us. We have an over 90% client return rate, most of whom have been working with us for years.

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All-in-one Solutions

With our in-house team of seasoned admin, UI/UX designer, sysadmin, programmer, and QA personnel, we offer a complete package solution from designing, developing, testing to maintenance.

Yes, we bold the “In-House” part because it is one of our greatest strengths. Using an in-house team will get you a more straightforward communication process at a more competitive cost—no more two-day waiting for an inquiry.

We Ask Questions

We ask questions… a lot. We ask a lot of “WHYs” rather than “WHAT.” We go to the root problem first before dive right into the development process. Our client knows the business process; we understand the technology and user experience. We believe that combining our years of experience with the client`s business knowledge will result in a solution that works.

We Are Based in Malang

For us, being in Malang means cleaner air, less traffic, and fantastic scenery. For you, it means we offer a very competitive price for excellent quality works.

Our Clients

We have worked with government agencies and multinational companies to create products that bring impacts.

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And many more...